As Port Manager, Port of Brisbane Pty Ltd (PBPL) works with stakeholders including logistics companies, stevedores, tenants and regulators to maintain safety across the precinct as well as efficient access to the Port. 

Port Notices 

Current Port Notices:


Landside Dangerous Goods Ship Maintenance  Tanker Requirements Port Roads

For further information, please refer to the Port Procedures Manual for the Port of Brisbane, which lists in detail all vessel-movement, restriction, communication, towage, pilotage, emergency, navigation, berth, channel, depth and swing-basin information.

The manual is available on the Maritime Safety Queensland website.

Port of Brisbane Public Weighbridge 

A public weighbridge has been installed at the Port of Brisbane to help facilitate the Chain of Responsibility (COR) legislation that imposes liability on all parties in the supply chain for breaches of road transport law.
Visit the Port of Brisbane Public Weighbridge page for more information. 

Road Access


The Port of Brisbane directly connects to the Port of Brisbane Motorway and has motorway and major arterial road connections north, south and west.

The Port of Brisbane Motorway links to the Gateway Motorway, which connects to the Ipswich and Logan Motorways, the M1 to the Gold Coast and northern New South Wales, and the Bruce Highway. This road network provides access to the nearby regional growth areas of the Gold Coast, Ipswich, Toowoomba and the Sunshine Coast. 


Access to PBPL roads for Heavy Vehicles and Over Size Over Mass (OSOM) Vehicles.

Operators seeking access to Port of Brisbane roads for restricted access vehicles (RAVs) e.g. 4-TEU Super B-Doubles and 4-TEU A-Doubles, require a permit issued by the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR). 
Operators seeking access to Port of Brisbane roads for OSOM vehicles require a permit issued by Transport and Main Roads (TMR) on behalf of NHVR. 

For more information on the role of NHVR or to apply for a heavy vehicle permit please go to

For more information contact PBPL’s Logistics Manager, Andrew Rankine on (07) 3258 4888.

Role of PBPL 

Under Heavy Vehicle National Law (HVNL), PBPL, as a ‘road manager’, cannot grant a mass or dimension authority, issue a permit or make a notice. The actual notice or permit that allows a restricted access vehicle or an OSOM vehicle to use PBPL roads must be issued by the NHVR

PBPL’s role is to determine:

  • if the use of restricted access vehicles will cause damage to road infrastructure or have adverse impacts on the community; and

  • whether the restricted access vehicle can be used safely on port roads. 

PBPL does not determine whether the restricted access vehicle is operating safely, however PBPL can request that the NHVR include vehicle conditions in a mass or dimension authority.

Loads on Port of Brisbane wharves

While access to Port of Brisbane roads comes under the jurisdiction of the NHVR, access to Port of Brisbane wharves and adjacent terminals is granted by Port of Brisbane Pty Ltd (PBPL). 

PBPL must receive prior notice of any cargo that exceeds 90 tonnes to enable PBPL to undertake an assessment of its impact on wharf infrastructure. 

This is in addition to any applications to the NHVR for access to Port of Brisbane roads.

For more information, please contact PBPL’s Senior Operations Coordinator, Damien Garske on 07 3258 4686.

Rail access

Port of Brisbane provides both narrow gauge and standard gauge rail access to its Brisbane Multimodal Terminal (BMT).

The Port of Brisbane rail line connects to the interstate heavy rail network via QR’s Brisbane Multi-User Terminal located at Acacia Ridge. Access to the rail line is managed by QR.

The BMT, operated by Port of Brisbane Pty Ltd (PBPL) is an open access facility subject to a Voluntary Access Undertaking. 

For more information about Port of Brisbane’s Brisbane Multimodal Terminal, please click here. 

Waterside access

Waterside access to the Port of Brisbane is subject to a number of Port Notices, and is regulated under Maritime Safety Queensland.  

For more information, please contact Maritime Safety Queensland or visit the Shipping Operations page

Landside Logistics Forum 

The Landside Logistics Forum (LLF) is aimed at improving port-wide landside logistics efficiencies, facilitating the discussion of landside issues, and improving communication among port stakeholders.

Members of the forum include key landside logistics service providers and port community members, including: 

  •      Australian Customs Service

  •      Department of Agriculture (Biosecurity) 

  •      Customs Brokers and Forwarders Council of Australia

  •      Queensland Trucking Association

  •      Container Transport Alliance Australia.

The LLF meets bi-monthly. If you are interested in participating please contact PBPL’s Logistics Manager, Andrew Rankine on (07) 3258 4888.