Marine Services

Port of Brisbane Pty Ltd’s (PBPL) Marine Services teams are responsible for maintaining safe navigable depths of the Port of Brisbane’s 90km shipping channel and for keeping Queensland’s largest multi-cargo port open for business. 

PBPL’s marine operations, including maintaining safe navigable depths of the Port’s navigational channel, play a vital role in ensuring a safe and efficient port.

Dredging – which forms part of these operations – has occurred at the Port of Brisbane since 1862.

Dredging is highly regulated and is subject to strict State and Commonwealth operational and environmental legislations. In addition, PBPL is also investing in activities upstream of the Port to help reduce sediment run off into the Brisbane River and Moreton Bay.  Click here to learn more about our Offsite Stormwater Project.

PBPL owns a fleet of vessels to conduct these essential operations. The flagship of our fleet is the TSHD Brisbane supported by a range of other vessels and support craft.


PBPL’s marine operations are supported by a fleet of vessels and support craft led by the TSHD Brisbane, the largest dredger of its type in Australia.


The TSHD Brisbane is a trailing suction hopper dredger and the main vessel of PBPL’s dredging fleet. Equipped with state-of-the-art dredge automation control, navigation system and turbidity control system, she is capable of performing both Capital and maintenance dredging in accordance with the latest environmental standards. The TSHD Brisbane is certified as an ocean-going dredger, and is available for Contract work anywhere in Australia and International.

Dredging depth: 25m
Hopper capacity: 2,900 cubic metres
Discharge: pump ashore, rainbowing or bottom dump


The Ken Harvey is a clamshell dredger utilised to dredge port berths and approaches, and is typically employed in small-scale internal and external dredging operations. Due to her compact size the Ken Harvey is able to dredge shallow marinas as well as entrance channels. In lifting mode, the Ken Harvey is able to lift up to 19Tonnes on the lifting hook which was heavily utilised in the 2011 and 2013 Brisbane flood mitigation works.

Clamshell dredger with 3.25 cubic metre bucket
Auxiliary plant: 15m workboat (Frank Wilson), 250m3 split hopper barges (Hercules and Samson), and 6m anchor launch (Turtle).


The Sea Lion/Alan M is a bed levelling spread that uses a 9m wide bar pushed across the seabed to flatten peaks and valleys frequently left behind by trailer or grab dredgers and other silt deposits. A (water) jet bar can be installed on the bed leveller for moving sand spurs which require dilution in order to reduce the soil density.
A 12m wide and 20T in weight bed levelling bar as well as a rock crushing bar are available for larger scale or Capital projects.