Meet our people
  • Mark NeanderSenior Manager Property Development

    “I was blessed to end up working here. It’s been an incredible journey and the future is bright for PBPL”

    In December 2018, Mark Neander, our fantastic Senior Manager Property Development retired. We spoke to him about his 18 year career with PBPL, and his feelings about leaving a workplace he truly loves.

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  • Khrysilla BackoMarine Cadet

    “I really want this.”
    Khrysilla Backo shares her journey as a Marine Cadet at Port of Brisbane Pty Ltd.

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  • Hydrographic TeamWe need to be ready for anything

    Our team of Hydrographic Surveyors are as down to earth as they come and you definitely won’t hear them blowing their own trumpet. But their work adds substantial value for our customers and the wider port community.

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