At PBPL, we are committed to exceptional corporate governance, which is integral to the achievement of our values, vision and goal. It is fundamental to creating our long term sustainability, whilst optimising the company’s shareholder returns and stakeholder satisfaction.

Our Board of Directors consists of highly effective professionals who deliver an appropriate mix of expertise and diversity to expertly discharge their responsibilities in accordance with PBPL’s Board Charter and Code of Conduct.

The primary responsibility of our Board of Directors is to diligently guide and monitor the business and affairs of the company, and act honestly, ethically, fairly and responsibly in the best interests of the company, its shareholders and stakeholders.

Board meetings are held once every quarter, and decision and review of matters are made in consultation with our Board Committees.

Board Committees

Our Board of Directors has established three Board Committees to assist in the delivery of the Board’s responsibilities. Each Committee member brings valuable expertise and knowledge to ensure the Committee outcomes and recommendations fulfil PBPL’s corporate governance requirements in accordance with the Board and Committee Charters: