Our Commitment


PBPL is committed to making a difference. For us, sustainability is about considering our stakeholders and ensuring the decisions we make enable the Port of Brisbane to be 'Here for the Future'.POB_Sustainability-Identifier_full-colour_no-tagline.jpg

Sustainability is not a new concept for PBPL – a strong sustainability culture has underpinned many strategic and operational initiatives across our business.

Our Board-endorsed Sustainability Strategy has adopted a ‘whole of business’ approach and aligns with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs): 14 of the 17 UNSDGs are relevant to our business.

It embraces a collaborative approach, creates new possibilities and seeks to deliver positive change across our supply chain and within the communities in which we operate.

The strategy brings together a large range of business initiatives within four key themes: Planet, People, Prosperity and Partnerships. It sets out short and long-term aspirations as well as an overall goal for each key theme, which we aim to achieve by 2030.

Our 2030 Focus Area Targets

To help us achieve these overall goals, we have identified key focus areas that will guide our work and are based on the outcomes of the materiality assessment.  Each focus area has a 2030 Target that will contribute to achieving our overall 2030 Goals.  

While our Sustainability Strategy is necessarily ambitious, we believe that achieving our 2030 targets and overall goals will ultimately deliver sustainable and beneficial outcomes for the broader Port of Brisbane community.

Sustainability-Planet.jpgPlanet - 2030 Goal:  Achieve positive net environmental benefit

Focus Area Air Quality   Energy Efficiency Climate Change
Resource Management Water Quality Biodiversity
2030 Focus Area Target No National Environmental Protection (NEPM) exceedances Net zero emissions (scope 1 & 2) Minimise our climate risk and increase our adaptive capacity Zero waste to landfill and net positive water Influence the implementation of the offsite stormwater initiatives (25km rehabilitated) Improve the quality of designated environmental areas across Port land supported by external assessment

Sustainability-People-(1).jpgPeople - 2030 Goal: Create an engaged, diverse and responsive culture

Focus Area Health and Wellbeing Safety Robust Governance Personal Development Culture
2030 Focus Area Target Port office 6-star green star interiors rated Zero Harm No incidences of material non-compliance with legislation Increase all leadership capability to the 75th percentile (Hogans 360 surveys) Achieve global high performing engagement

Sustainability-Prosperity.jpgPROSPERITY - 2030 Goal: Deliver efficient and sustainable economic growth

Focus Area Port Development Asset Management Supply Chain Enablement Sustainable Procurement Digital Transformation
2030 Focus Area Target Achieve a minimum 4-star Green Star or ISCA equivalent for all new Property and Port infrastructure projects Achieve ISO55000 certification Landside: Increase rail modal share to 12% Water side: Advance channel preparations for 14,000 TEU vessels 100% alignment with ISO20400 with audit verification Create value through becoming a digital leading Port

Sustainability-Partnerships.jpgPARTNERSHIPS - 2030 Goal: Enable responsible growth

Focus Area Customer partnerships Community partnerships Research and industry partnerships Engagement and Education
2030 Focus Area Target 90% customer satisfaction rating from annual pulse survey 90% community satisfaction rating from annual pulse survey Support 20 new research and industry partnerships that add value to our business 5% year on year increase in PBPL engagements with educational institutions