Our Commitment

PBPL is committed to making a difference.  For us, sustainability is about considering our stakeholders and ensuring the decisions we make enable the Port of Brisbane to be 'Here for the Future'.

Sustainability is not a new concept for PBPL – a strong sustainability culture has underpinned many strategic and operational initiatives across our business.


Our Journey

We undertook a Materiality Assessment to understand what our most important economic, social and environmental issues are, consulting with more than 350 external and internal stakeholders.

All 34 material topics identified have been adopted and informed the development of our long-term Sustainability Strategy.

Sustainability Strategy

Our Board-endorsed Sustainability Strategy has adopted a ‘whole of business’ approach and aligns with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs): 14 of the 17 UNSDGs are relevant to our business.

It embraces a collaborative approach, creates new possibilities and seeks to deliver positive change across our supply chain and within the communities in which we operate.

The strategy brings together a large range of business initiatives within four key themes: Planet, People, Prosperity and Partnerships. It sets out short and long-term aspirations as well as an overall goal for each key theme, which we aim to achieve by 2030.