Property Development

PBPL is an experienced property developer focused on working closely with customers to deliver tailored solutions and, ultimately, efficient sites that ensure optimal performance, cost control and service.  

Facility design and development

With a lack of large greenfield lots in Brisbane, a Port of Brisbane site should be considered for a number of key reasons: 

  1. Prompt development approval – 2 to 3 weeks approval (indicative) for greenfield developments on Port of Brisbane land as opposed to 6 months plus elsewhere

  2. Competitive rates – competitive sqm rate with surrounding industrial areas

  3. Available and configurable land – 92 ha of available land and configurable greenfield land spaces for medium to large developments

  4. Efficient design – Opportunities in efficient site design improving flow, increasing storage density and reducing labour requirements. 

A purpose-built warehouse at the Port of Brisbane will increase operational productivity and pallet storage capacity, leading to significant reductions in per pallet costs. Key benefits delivered recently to new tenants include:  

  • 50-60% increase – Configurability allowing roof heights of 10m plus result in up to 50% increases in pallet storage capacity compared to older developments at 6m.

  • 20-30% decrease – Greater levels of storage density and efficient layouts equate to up to 20 – 30% reduction in costs per item stored.

For more information, contact us or download a copy of the detailed report Brisbane’s Optimal Logistics Location by Siecap.