Land Use Planning

Port of Brisbane Pty Ltd (PBPL) oversees the development and on-going management of a diverse range of land uses, including: industrial, transport operations, marine infrastructure, retail/commercial, and environmental buffers.

In accordance with State legislation requirements, PBPL manages development at the Port of Brisbane via the 'Brisbane Port Land Use Plan 2015', and an accompanying suite of Technical Guidelines and Infrastructure Plans.

This plan has been developed, reviewed with community input and approved by the State to ensure that the port’s development is sustainable and responsive to legislative changes and industry dynamics. 

The current Land Use Plan: 

  • has been developed with community input and the oversight of State Government departments and the Brisbane City Council

  • has effect over all 'Brisbane Core Port Land' 

  • includes a strategic plan - outlining key land uses, trade projections and future infrastructure requirements

  • divides port land into specific development precincts - including an outline of the key development 'intent' for each

  • includes a number of 'Codes' - which specify the development requirements for each development

  • includes a 'Contributions Schedule' and 'Priority Infrastructure Interface Plan’ - which specifyinfrastructure charges (where relevant); and

  • includes a range of plans/figures/drawings - which help to spatially communicate the developmentvision for core port lands. 


We have produced four land use fact sheets to assist you when developing on core port land.

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