About Us

Port of Brisbane property provides access to Australia’s pre-eminent location for trade-related business. As Port of Brisbane Pty Ltd (PBPL) is committed to a 99 year lease with the Queensland Government, we take a long term view to the partnerships created with our customers and tenants. 

We are a well-resourced and multifaceted community, built on quality land holdings and developments at the Port of Brisbane and backed by a team experienced in helping our customers maximise their potential.

Our range of solutions offer unrivalled flexibility. Five precincts—distinctly different, but intrinsically linked—come together to enable better connections and better trade, and we partner with our customers at every step of the way to create economic growth for business and for Queensland, for the long term.

We share the same energetic attitude possessed by our customers, and we maintain our stellar track record with drive and focus. Through flexible solutions and streamlined processes, we open up the world to our customers, so they can get on with the job of helping create it.

PBPL’s dedicated Property and Planning teams are available to answer your questions relating to the various land holdings and development options at the Port of Brisbane. Contact us for more information.