Future Port Expansion

The Port of Brisbane’s future capacity to grow is supported by the 230 hectare Future Port Expansion (FPE) area on Fisherman Islands, which will provide new port land and increased quay line. It is one of the largest reclamation activities in the southern hemisphere, equivalent in size to 200 football grounds. 

FPE management

Our FPE management makes PBPL an industry leader in land reclamation and development. 

The FPE is surrounded by a geotechnically engineered sea wall and divided into a number of paddocks which are being progressively reclaimed over the long-term. Typically, material is progressively placed in the FPE and followed by ground improvement works to create land.  These activities are undertaken in accordance with PBPL’s Land Use Plan. All work is completed under strict environmental management plans that include regular water quality and dust monitoring.
In addition, PBPL, along with its reclamation contractors, has worked to develop a range of innovative techniques such as using scroll technology to improve the strength of reclaimed material and sand capping without having to place equipment directly on a reclaimed paddock.  These techniques minimise the risks of working on soft reclaimed ground and improve the efficiency of reclamation and ground improvement activities.