Chain of Responsibility

New legislation introduced in Queensland in 2008 expands on the current Chain of Responsibility (COR) legislative provisions. It introduces a new term and provisions for a Container Weight Declaration (CWD), which must be completed whenever a container is transported by road.

The legislation imposes liability for heavy vehicle offences on all people and/or businesses whose actions, inactions, or demands influence conduct on the road as well as on road parties, such as drivers and carriers. It introduces new obligations for consignors, operators, drivers and consignees related to the handling of freight containers and the provision of CWDs.

A working group of the Port of Brisbane Landside Logistics Forum has developed a Guide to Container Weight Declarations for the benefit of port stakeholders.

The same group has also developed a Sea Freight Code of Conduct, which is designed to provide guidance to all parties in the sea freight container supply chain concerning the carriage of containers on heavy vehicles, and particularly the responsibility of all parties for CWDs. The Code is also aimed at assisting parties to comply with COR legislation, as well as assist in providing a "reasonable steps defence" for breaches of the legislation.

To obtain a copy of the Guide to CWDs or the Sea Freight Code of Conduct, please contact the Port of Brisbane Pty Ltd Port Operations team on 07 3258 4839.