Vessels and Vehicles

Port Surveys has a mixed fleet of vessels varying in size that can operate in a range of differing conditions these include:

Jim Peel

Predominantly used in offshore applications the Jim Peel is a 15.8m single hull vessel. It is fitted with a Reson Seabat 7125 Multibeam sonar system in a moonpool configuration. The Jim Peel has all the required facilities for the crew to be fully self sufficient for numerous days. Recently the Jim Peel has been fitted with a deployment shute for the utilisation of a magnetometer or sidescan sonar.


The Investigator is a 9.8m single hull vessel of fibreglass construction. The fully enclosed cabin design allows the vessel to be operational in most weather conditions. A customised moon pool design allows for the Reson Seabat 8125 Sonar to be 30 degree angle mounted for tilted sonar head applications such as rock walls and shallow inshore areas. This vessel is fitted with a bow thruster which makes it ideal for tight manoeuvring within Marinas and Canals.

Port Surveys have a fleet of smaller vessels at its disposal, predominantly used for single beam surveys, they offer the ability to quickly mobilise into areas that may not be suitable for the larger vessels in our fleet.


Polaris ATV Ranger

The Polaris ATV (all terrain vehicle) provides a lightweight and economical platform from which to conduct topographical surveys. Ideal for coastal sand dune areas the vehicles light footprint and wide wheels delivers minimal disturbance to the surveyed area. Proven on the Port of Brisbane reclamation site the polaris is ideally suited to these environments, 4wd capability allows access to most terrain types and provides the ability to deliver more comprehensive topographic surveys in a faster and more efficient manner.