Port Development

We provide the necessary infrastructure to facilitate trade growth through the sustainable planning and development of new facilities and the maintenance and management of existing facilities at the Port of Brisbane.

Over the past 20 years, $1.6 billion has been invested in capital works.

The Port of Brisbane Pty Ltd is committed to infrastructure projects such as construction of Berths 11 & 12 and the development of the award-winning Future Port Expansion area - which will provide a further 230 hectares of port land and increased quay line. 


Current Infrastructure Projects

Cruise Terminal Project

PBPL is proposing to develop a new $100 million cruise facility for Brisbane and South-east Queensland at the mouth of the Brisbane River.

The proposed facility will be able to cater to cruise vessels of all sizes and will also enable mega ships—vessels longer than 270m—to utilise Brisbane as a base port, transforming the city into a major cruise destination.

The new facility will grow the number of international and domestic cruise visitors to Brisbane, significantly boosting the local and state economies and providing the cruise industry with a dedicated facility.

PBPL has been granted Stage 1 approval from the Queensland Government to progress our proposal. During Stage 2 of the Government’s Market-led Proposal process, we will undertake environmental and technical investigations, progress design and engineering work and liaise closely with site neighbours and other key stakeholders.

Port Drive Upgrade Project

The upgrade of Port Drive extending from the end of the Port of Brisbane Motorway at Pritchard Street to the Captain Bishop Bridges is underway.

  • Upgrade of Kite Street and Port Drive intersection
  • Upgrade of Port Drive to four lanes including installation of a separation barrier on Port Drive
  • A new connection between Tanker Street and Osprey Drive
  • An off-road bicycle path from the existing path to Kite Street
  • Associated PUP relocations
  • Drainage and Street lighting

Future Port Expansion

Work continues on the award-winning Future Port Expansion area, which will provide a further 230 hectares of port land and increased quay line.

As well as reclaiming the Future Port Expansion area with dredged material, PBPL has embarked on large scale wick drain and vacuum trials to assess the effectiveness of these ground improvement techniques to speed up the consolidation of the dredged mud and deep deposits of soft clay which underlie the area.

The trials have provided successful results, insights and lessons to the accelerated treatment of reclaimed land. Subsequent contracts are underway for treatment of 9.3 hectares with vacuum consolidation and 26 hectares with wick drains.


Past Port Development projects

Berth 11 & 12

The Port of Brisbane's newest container facilities, Berth 11 and 12 are complete. The total quay length 660m and total area of 26 hectares.

Captain Bishop Bridge

In 2008 PBPL began a project to duplicate the Captain Bishop Bridge and upgrade associated roads at Fisherman Islands.

The upgrade project was completed in August 2011, and included construction of a duplicate bridge, replacement of the existing bridge, and an upgrade of the Lucinda Drive and Port Drive interchange.

General Purpose Berth and Terminal

The 210 metre GP Berth was opened in 2009. The $57 million heavy-lift berth and terminal area is being used to support the growth of bulk and break-bulk cargoes at the Port of Brisbane.

Port Office – PBPL Head Office

Construction of the PBPL Head Office is now completed. This building is PBPL’s new headquarters, and is designed and fitted-out to achieve a 5 star green star rating from the Green Building Council of Australia.

Wharf 10

Wharf 10, the seventh dedicated container berth (372m), constructed at a cost of $65 million (officially opened in 2009) is now leased to Patrick Terminals.

The wharf expansion helped facilitate ‘the slide’ of the two container stevedores along the quay line and their expansions to over 900m of quay line each. Patrick operates from berths 8, 9 and 10, while DP World operates from berths 4, 5, 6 and 7.