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Port of Brisbane delivers strong trade results in 2011/2012

Strong trade through the Port of Brisbane during 2011/2012 continues despite challenging economic conditions.

Commodities such as grain, cereal and cotton performed particularly well, helping to increase container trade through the Port of Brisbane by 4.7% and reach a record 1,025,069 teus.This is the first time the Port has recorded in excess of one million teus in a financial year. 

Good Australian growing conditions and a favourable market resulted in the biggest bulk export tonnage of cereals and grains through the Port of Brisbane in the last 10 years.  This equated to more than 1.5 million tonnes exported in bulk during 2011/2012 – an increase of 73% on the previous year. Strong export numbers are predicted to continue in 2012/2013 due to continued international demand for high-quality Australian product.

Bumper cotton crops also set new export records, with the Port’s highest annual throughput of cotton exports increasing by a staggering 97%. Cotton seed exports, both bulk and containerised, also recorded exceptional growth. China continued to receive the majority of Australian cotton, with South Korea and Indonesia both strong export destinations – a consistent trend for the last five years. 

Machinery imports saw significant growth as a result of major mining and resource projects underway in Queensland. In particular, agricultural and mining equipment imports including excavators, bulldozers and forklifts increased by 80% to almost 270,000 tonnes. This type of cargo is often large and heavy, and requires special handling at the wharf and on the road.

The Port of Brisbane Pty Ltd works closely with all sectors of this industry, ensuring the shipping lines, stevedores, importers and their trucking companies obtain the best logistical support to meet their specific needs.

Record volumes of grain, cereal and cotton seed were exported through the Port in 2011/2012.


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