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Thanks to the efforts of some very committed members of the Queensland Wader Study Group (QWSG), birds have been identified to travelling thousands of kilometres each year - far more than the distance of any cargo that leaves our shores. One bird in particular, a Great Knot has been identified as flying from the Port of Brisbane through Japan and ultimately to Kamchatka in Russia. The bird was one of 148 that had been recently fitted with a tracking system leg flag. It has always been known that some birds travel extraordinary distances, however, the Great Knot is clearly toward the top of the list for distances spanning the entire globe.

To enhance the availability of shorebird roosting habitats in the region, PBPL built a 12 hectare permanent shorebird roost which is the largest in eastern Australia and has provided habitat for up to 3,000 birds at one time. The roost can be accessed for shorebird watching on weekdays by contacting the Port Office on 07 3258 4888.

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