The Port of Brisbane is located at the mouth of the Brisbane River and adjacent to the Moreton Bay Marine Park, an area of high ecological and conservation value. A number of declared RAMSAR wetlands of international significance are also in close proximity to the Port of Brisbane.

Port of Brisbane Pty Ltd (PBPL) aims to minimise negative impacts and strives to enhance positive impacts of the port on the surrounding environment by ensuring environmental management is key aspect of all decision making processes. PBPL operates under an Environmental Management System (EMS) certified to the recognised international standard of ISO 14001 Environmental Management System.

PBPL’s Environment team undertakes a wide range of monitoring and management programs to measure and track our environmental performance and to ensure that any potential negative environmental impacts are minimised.  These systems are reviewed regularly to ensure continual improvement of PBPL’s environmental management.

We also proactively engage with the local community and relevant stakeholders and advocate environmental responsibility for our employees and their activities.

Port of Brisbane Environmental Monitoring
PBPL has established an extensive range of long term mandatory and voluntary environmental monitoring programs to assist us in understanding the impacts our operations have on the environment and guide our environmental management decisions.

All of our environmental monitoring programs are long term programs undertaken over varying timeframes, with all results thoroughly analysed.  The data obtained from the monitoring programs help us to determine where we can invest more resources to minimise any environmental impacts, as well as enhance any positive outcomes.


Mandatory Monitoring Programs Voluntary Monitoring Programs
Carbon emissions Air quality
Dredge sediment quality Ambient sediment quality
Dredge turbidity Ambient water quality
Potable water quality Avian fauna
Stormwater Feral animals
  Mangrove health
  Reclamation sediment and water quality
  Seagrass health
  Seawall ecology

Our Environment Policy states our intentions for achieving environmental performance and advocating environmental responsibility for our employees and their activities.