Security Charges

In accordance with the Maritime Transport and Offshore Facilities Security Act 2003, the Port of Brisbane Pty Ltd is responsible for maritime security of all common user facilities, waterside areas at the Port of Brisbane and the facilitation and maintenance of the port wide security regime.

In order to recover costs from security measures implemented and ongoing at the Port of Brisbane, we have a cargo based security charge (in effect since 1 January 2005).

The port security charges are:

  • cargo based similar to the collection and invoicing of harbour dues. All cargo that uses the wharf will be charged.
  • user pays - based on relative number of ships
  • reflective of relative risk
  • based on actual costs incurred
  • based on growth to facilitate asset replenishment
  • if a Maritime Security Level 2 is declared, costs will be recovered from the vessel as additional cargoes, based on actual costs incurred at the time.

Port security charges

Charges have been calculated to reflect relative risk and time allocation of resources. Please refer to the Port Charges document for more details.