Protecting the port

The Port of Brisbane Pty Ltd (PBPL) is responsible for the security and protection of the port's infrastructure and assets, and the provision of risk-based security services.

In response to the risk of terrorism, the Commonwealth Government has interpreted the International Ship and Port Facility and Security (ISPS) Code, through its introduction of the Maritime Transport and Offshore Facilities Security Act (MTOFSA) and Regulation 2003.   In June 2004, the Office of Transport Security (OTS) approved the PBPL's maritime security plan, compliant with MTOFSA and the ISPS Code.

In addition to PBPL's maritime security plan, security regulated ships, port facilities and port service providers also have maritime security plans which outline the measures and procedures undertaken to protect vessels that trade in Australian seaports and the port infrastructure that services those vessels.

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Port and Vessel assessment

The Officer of Transport Security released the Maritime Risk Context Statement to consider the threat from terrorism in the context of the Australian maritime sector in June 2008 to enable maritime industry participants to develop an understanding of potential threats and vulnerabilities to their operations. PBPL considered the information contained in this document during the development of the Port of Brisbane Port Wide Risk Assessment to ensure all terrorist risks to the Australian people, its economy, its environment and its symbols associated with the security regulated port area were identified and appropriate strategies were introduced to mitigate that risk.

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