Inductions and Permits

All contractors working for, or on behalf of, the Port of Brisbane Pty Ltd (PBPL) are required to undertake Safety Online once a year to ensure that they remain safe while working at the port and that their actions cause minimal impact on the environment.

Click here to activate the program.

In addition. contractors are required to read the following information:


How to obtain a Permit to Work from PBPL

Contractors and employees of PBPL require a Permit to Work every time a 'specified high risk task' is performed at the port.

To find out if the work you are completing requires a permit, please answer seven quick questions by clicking on the Permit to Work Questionnaire

If a Permit to Work is required, you must provide the following forms:

Please present the required documents to a PBPL Authorised Person before starting work.

Contractors can supply their company's risk assessment or complete the Contractor Risk Assessment Safe Work Method Statement.