Our Health and Safety Committees provide forums to resolve health and safety issues and to discuss matters relating to accidents, incidents, personal protective equipment, the physical conditions of our worksites, and relevant elements of the IMS. The committees promote two-way communication between staff and management.

The three safety committees are:

  1. Health and Safety Representative Committee – 9 members elected by staff; meets every six weeks; identifies and makes recommendations on relevant safety issues. 
  2. Work Health and Safety Adviser Committee – 8 members nominated by management; meets every six weeks; advisory role to employees; implements workplace health and safety related initiatives. 
  3. Health and Safety Committee – 23 committee members, including all Workplace Health and Safety Officers and Representatives, four permanent employer representatives (including the Chairman) appointed by management, and two observers; meets every three months; is the decision-making forum for safety in the workplace.

The TSHD Brisbane has its own Health and Safety Committee under the Occupational Health and Safety (Maritime Industry) Act 1993.