Business Policies

The following company policies, objectives and guidelines support Port of Brisbane Pty Ltd's (PBPL) focus on providing excellent levels of customer service and delivering on promises we make to our stakeholders.

Voluntary Access Undertaking Annual Reporting
The Port of Brisbane has a voluntary undertaking to provide access to port services and facilities on an indiscriminate basis. Please click here to see our Voluntary Access Undertaking document.
There were no requests for access or instances of non-compliance during the 2015-16 reporting period.

Climate Change Commitment
PBPL has formalised sustainability initiatives and targets through its Climate Change Commitment.

Health, Safety, Environment and Quality Policies
The Health & Safety, Environment and Quality Policies outline our commitment to minimising harm to persons, property, process and the environment, and to continuous improvement of our planning and practices.

Procurement Process
Click here for PBPL's Procurement Policy.

Contractor/Vendor Requirements
Credit Application Form

Privacy Policy
The Privacy Policy informs individuals on how we collect and deal with personal or private information PBPL obtains when providing services and information for its business operation and to comply with the law.