Community Grant Application

Community Grant Application Form 2020

Handy hints:
It is recommended that applicants prepare a draft document in an alternative program in the first instance e.g. MS Word and then cut and paste into the online form below. Please note all word count limits.

(Please upload evidence of your NFP status as supporting documentation at bottom of the application.)
50 words (or less)
50 words (or less)
Which area is your service delivery focused :

Has PBPL sponsored your organisation in the past? :

50 words (or less)
50 words (or less)
50 words (or less). for example in your publications , social media, website, etc.
For example provide learning or volunteering opportunities. 50 Words (or less)
Do you agree to be involved in publicity regarding PBPL’s Community Grant Program? This may include the provision of photographic materials for use in but not limited to: PBPL reports, media release and promotional materials. :