Community Grant Application

Grants application form 

Please refer to the application Criteria and Guidelines below for more information. 

There is no save function when completing this form. Please prepare answers in advance and copy and paste into the form below.

What grant are you applying for?:

(As per the guidelines, the organisation should be a recognised not-for-profit entity or social enterprise, with a social or environmental purpose.)
(The contact person will be the primary contact for all correspondence and administration relating to this application. At a minimum, the contact person’s email address should be provided.)
Attachment:To supplement your application, please provide documentation confirming the community organisation’s not-for-profit or social enterprise status.
This may include:
  • evidence of registration or accreditation in country of operation such as registered charity number
  • company constitution, articles of association, or other governing documents stating the purpose of the organisation (this should demonstrate a social or environmental purpose)
  • certificate of incorporation
  • any other documentation as relevant to confirm not-for-profit or social enterprise status.
Please email supporting documentation directly to
(In no more than 400 words, please provide as much information as possible about the project, including what the project is, the geographic area it will serve, what problem or opportunity it will seek to address, intended beneficiaries, timeframes and examples of demonstrated ability to deliver similar projects.)
Please provide a breakdown of key costs that will be incurred for your project.
Please provide details about how PBPL employees could volunteer to assist your organisation (200 words max).
Declaration:By submitting this application, I declare that:
  1. I have read, understood and accepted the Criteria and Guidelines, including the Terms and Conditions set out on the Port of Brisbane website.
  2. I have been authorised by the community organisation (as applicable) named in this form to complete and submit this application and declaration on behalf of the community organisation (as applicable).
  3. The project outlined in this application and any associated expenditure has been endorsed by the community organisation’s Board or person with authority to commit the applicant to this project (as applicable).
  4. I understand that I may be requested to provide further clarification or documentation to verify the information supplied in this form.
  5. The information contained in this application is, to the best of my knowledge, true, accurate and complete.
Privacy And Confidentiality:By submitting this application, the community organisation agrees that Port of Brisbane Pty Ltd may use and disclose its information (provided in this application or otherwise) as set out in the Criteria and Guidelines.