Land Use Plan Review 2020

The Port of Brisbane Pty Ltd (PBPL) is currently reviewing the Brisbane Port Land Use Plan 2015 (LUP) with a view to adopting several minor amendments to the LUP in 2020. These amendments relate to:

  1. the updating of references to legislation, trade data and any other content which is out-of-date or no longer relevant

  2. improving general useability

  3. the updating of the Priority Infrastructure Interface Plan and Development Codes within the LUP

  4. the identification of several ‘wet’ and ‘dry’ areas that have been recognised as Brisbane Core Port Land since 2015.

In accordance with the provisions outlined in the Transport Infrastructure Act 1994, a Statement of Proposals (SOP) summarising the nature of the LUP changes is available for a 20-business day public review period which runs from 17 October until 14 November 2019.

Stakeholders are invited to review the SOP during this period via:

  • the following link - Statement of Proposal

  • in person at 3 Port Central Avenue, Port of Brisbane, Qld 4178

  • attending a ‘Talk to a Planner’ session on 24 October or 4 November from 0900 – 1100 at Port Office, 3 Port Central Avenue, Port of Brisbane Qld 4178

  • a one-on-one session with a PBPL Planner by calling 07 3258 4888.

Stakeholders are encouraged to review the SOP document and make a submission to PBPL regarding any matters presented within the document.

For a submission to be accepted by PBPL it must be:

Submissions can be lodged via:

Post: Land Use Plan 2020 Project Team, Port of Brisbane Pty Ltd, Locked Bag 1818, Port of Brisbane QLD 4178
In person: Land Use Plan 2020 Project Team, Port of Brisbane Pty Ltd, 3 Port Central Ave, Port of Brisbane QLD 4178

Electronic submission:
Email: [email protected]

Following the review of the SOP, PBPL will prepare a revised LUP that will also undergo a 40-business day review in early 2020. This review will take place before PBPL seeks final government approvals to the amended LUP.
For any enquires regarding the SOP or the associated stakeholder consultation activities during the public review period, please contact PBPL on 07 3258 4888 or at [email protected].