Port of Brisbane welcomes funding for Port Connection rail project

Port of Brisbane Pty Ltd welcomes the allocation of $20 million from the Federal Government, plus a matching in-kind contribution from the Queensland Government, to ramp up planning required to directly connect Inland Rail to the Port of Brisbane.

Port of Brisbane CEO Roy Cummins said the announcement was part of the finalisation of negotiations between both levels of Government for the Queensland leg of Inland Rail.
“The Port of Brisbane has always supported Inland Rail in-principle, but we think that to do it properly it must directly connect to the ports, without sharing the suburban passenger network,” Mr Cummins said.
“Today’s announcement is a step in the right direction. Funding a business case will allow all parties to assess demand, financing, design and timing for this project. It should also lead to corridor preservation as an immediate priority.
“What’s important is that the work begins immediately so we can get more freight onto rail. Without a Port Connection, the freight this region relies will continue to be moved almost entirely by truck, increasing congestion, emissions and road safety risks well into the future. We can’t allow that to happen to our community, and we can’t allow our freight sector to lose its competitive advantage.
“I congratulate all levels of government for their support of this initiative. They have clearly listened to the Port of Brisbane’s advocacy and that of the entire freight and logistics industry.”