Port of Brisbane provides room to grow for Port Gate Logistics

Transport and logistics operator, PortGate Logistics, has signed a 30-year lease deal with the Port of Brisbane to relocate to a new 3 hectare site on Fisherman Islands. 
PortGate Logistics is a sub-tenant of Portgate Properties Pty Ltd, who currently sub-lease a number of warehouses and hardstand areas within the Port of Brisbane’s PortGate precinct.
The new development will include purpose-built facilities comprising a warehouse of approximately 6,000m2, container hardstand, office building and car parking along with further areas developed for log storage and pack/unpack facilities.
Port of Brisbane has enjoyed a long-standing relationship with Arthur & John Tzaneros owners of PortGate Logistics and the Tzaneros Family.  PortGate Logistics has been an anchor tenant of the PortGate Estate since 2006 and the ‘Smith Bros’ business (owned by Steve Tzaneros and his brother Terry Tzaneros) had developed and run container parks on Fisherman Islands since the early-nineties. This is the next evolution as the next generation in the Tzaneros Family as Arthur & John Tzaneros move forward.
Port of Brisbane Pty Ltd (PBPL) CEO, Roy Cummins, said the lease not only reaffirmed PBPL’s long-standing partnership with PortGate Logistics, but the new location would enable PortGate Logistics to deliver great benefits to its customers.
“We were very pleased to be able to work closely with PortGate Logistics to identify an opportunity for them to relocate ‘on Island’, which will also allow their customers more convenient access to the container terminals,” Mr Cummins said.
“This is another demonstration of the Port of Brisbane’s ability to work with our existing customers to support their relocation or expansion requirements, and provide long-term certainty for all parties.
“The Port of Brisbane’s property revolution continues to go from strength to strength.”
Arthur and John Tzaneros stated, “For PortGate Logistics to continue growing it needed to move on their own designated site, Office, Warehouse, Full Container Park & Reefer Area, Large Fumigation areas for Containers, Break Bulk Area, the Facility will also be licenced as a Bond & Quarantine Facility as well as being a few hundred metres from the Container Terminals. This is only part of our strategy for our future and the Port of Brisbane has enabled us to make this work, we look forward in working with the Port of Brisbane and all our clients into the long future we have ahead of us”. 
PortGate Logistics has engaged Space Frame to construct the facility. Works are underway with the Office & Warehouse some 60% completed and 30% post-tension concrete also completed to the site.  Construction is expected to be completed June 2019.