Port of Brisbane and B4C partnership to help protect the lower Brisbane River
Port of Brisbane Pty Ltd has deepened its commitment to the sustainable environmental management of the lower Brisbane River, renewing its five year deal with the Bulimba Creek Catchment Coordinating Committee (B4C).
The partnership is backed by a $355,000 funding commitment from the Port of Brisbane, which will support B4C’s suite of local catchment management initiatives.
Port of Brisbane CEO, Roy Cummins, said the Port signed its first deal with B4C in 2013, and looked forward to working together to achieve more environmental outcomes in the coming five years.
“Over the past five years B4C has demonstrated a high level of commitment to catchment management at locations including Sandy Camp Road wetlands, Minnippi parklands, Colmslie Beach Reserve and the Port of Brisbane green buffer,” Mr Cummins said.
“The Port is deeply committed to the long-term sustainability of our local area and Moreton Bay. Having a partner like B4C helps us achieve those goals.
“Priority projects going forward have already been identified, which enables the Port and B4C to begin work straight away. These projects will include Gibson Island, Lytton Buffer Corridor, Wynnum North and habitat management close to Port West and Port North.
“I would like to pay tribute to the Port’s environment team, and in fact all our staff who take a keen interest in protecting the environment in which we work.
“I’d also like to congratulate Wayne Cameron and the team at B4C for their leadership in the community and I wish them every success in the important work they do.”
The new partnership means the Port of Brisbane has now committed greater than $600,000 in financial assistance to the B4C partnership since 2013, which is dedicated to key environmental areas.
B4C Catchment Manager Wayne Cameron said he was delighted to renew the relationship with the Port of Brisbane.
“We are grateful for the financial and operational support provided by the Port of Brisbane,” Mr Cameron said.
 “The funding will greatly assist the ongoing rehabilitation of neglected habitat in the Lower Brisbane River Corridor areas. 
“B4C have worked on some degraded and neglected industrial areas, like the Bulimba Creek Oxbow, Hemmant Flying Fox Colony, Fort Lytton areas and now Gibson Island.
“There is a need to protect and rehabilitate these areas of our city and thereby benefit from their ecosystem services, like water quality, natural landscapes, public amenity and habitat for wildlife.
“The Brisbane River Corridor is no longer just an idea with small projects springing up along its length. We now have a major project that will be seen and loved by the Brisbane community and our wildlife.
“It can only be achieved if the community can work with industry as well as governments to plan together to achieve it, and the Port of Brisbane five year partnership is a model that can help us achieve that.”
This partnership is one of many Port of Brisbane environmental initiatives, including:
  • ISO14001 certified EMS certification
  • Offsite stormwater
  • Solar action plan
  • Research and monitoring including the following partnerships
    • Queensland Wader Studies Group
    • Reef Check
    • Griffith University SOPOPP whales
    • Griffith University (and others) catchment management
    • Healthy Land and Water and University of Queensland ambient water quality
    • University of Queensland – sediment, stormwater runoff, air quality, rats, foxes
  • Target Zero
  • Community engagement, partnering with Tangalooma EcoMarines and  Moreton Bay Environment Education Centre
“Environment and industry working together for Waterways, wildlife and People”.