Managing construction

Maintaining traffic flow and access

Traffic access will be maintained along Port Drive, Lucinda Drive, Kite Street and Osprey Drive during construction. From time to time, lane closures may be required during construction for works across the road. Motorists will be advised of any changes. Lane closures are most likely to occur for emergency works or for out of hours’ work.
Access will also be maintained to the Lake and the Whyte Island boat ramp.

As part of the upgrade, a number of existing public utility services will need to be relocated or upgraded. This means that construction activities will also be undertaken along the local road network (Port Drive, Kite Street, Osprey Drive and Lucinda Drive).

Traffic controllers will provide access to local businesses adjacent to the project area, where required. Further details will be provided prior to these works starting.

What to expect during construction?

  • Use of construction equipment such as excavators, graders, rollers, trucks, piling rigs and cranes

  • Noise and possibly some vibration around the work site, associated with the use of construction equipment

  • VMS boards advising of the upcoming works

  • Some out of hours work to minimise traffic impacts

  • Traffic controllers and signage directing motorists, pedestrians and cyclists through the project area.

Shared path along Port Drive

For the safety of shared path users, the temporary shared path along Port Drive will be closed from Monday 27 February 2017 to late-2017 for the construction of the road duplication and new shared path.  We have engaged with identified shared path users about our proposal and thank you for your time.    
The new shared path will be constructed from the end of the Port of Brisbane Motorway at Pritchard Street to Kite Street to improve connectivity and safety for users. Construction of the new path will take approximately 9 months to complete, weather and site conditions permitting.

If you use the shared path and are seeking advice or further information, please contact the project team on 1800 895 929 or email with your contact details.

Lucinda Drive Lake

Access to the lake and park is temporarily limited, with a large part of this area fenced off for safety reasons while the Port Drive Upgrade project is underway.  The Lake continues to be accessed by the Queensland Wader Study Group for monthly bird counts. 
The Port of Brisbane is also home to a purpose-built 10-hectare migratory shorebird roost, located further along Lucinda Drive, which can be accessed by the community throughout the construction period.

Keys for the Shore Bird Roost, are available from the Port Office reception between 9am and 3pm Monday to Friday. Please contact PBPL Reception on telephone (07) 3258 4888 to arrange.

Working with stakeholders

Seymour Whyte is committed to minimising impacts during construction of the Port Drive upgrade and looks forward to working with stakeholders throughout the project.

If you would like further information about the project, please email or contact 1800 895 929.