Port Drive Upgrade

Port of Brisbane Pty Ltd (PBPL) is delivering a $110 million upgrade to Port Drive and the local road network, delivering safer and more efficient port roads. This upgrade, which is being brought forward well ahead of capacity demand, will help ensure the Port of Brisbane continues to meet the needs of industry and customers as trade grows.

Project Scope

The planned upgrades will include the duplication of Port Drive, the construction of a four-lane overpass over the Port Drive and Kite Street intersection, upgrades to the Tanker Street/Osprey Drive road network as well as the duplication of Lucinda Drive Bridge on Fisherman Islands.
The project will also deliver significant benefits for the port and local community who use port roads, including:

  • Safer and more direct access to the Whyte Island boat ramp

  • A separated shared path from the existing Port of Brisbane Motorway cycle path through to Port Gate

  • Improved access to the Moreton Island ferry terminal.

Scope includes:

  • Port Drive will be widened to accommodate two lanes each way, including a separation barrier for the full length of the road as an additional safety enhancement.

  • The construction of a four-lane overpass over the Port Drive and Kite Street intersection, while Kite Street itself will be upgraded to accommodate two lanes in Port Gate.

  • The Kite Street and Osprey Drive intersection will be upgraded and improvements will be made to the Tanker Street intersection, including a connection to Osprey Drive to facilitate traffic exiting Tanker Street.

  • The design will include a separated path from Pritchard Street to Port Gate (the Caltex service station), which can be used by cyclists.

  • During construction, traffic management plans will be in place to ensure the safety of road users and minimise potential disruption.

  • A Construction Environment Management Plan will also be in place during construction as part of the project.

Construction commenced mid-September 2016 and is anticipated to be completed mid-2018, weather permitting.

Seymour Whyte and PBPL will keep stakeholders and the local community updated as the project progresses.

If you would like further information about the project, please email [email protected] or contact the 24 hr project hotline 1800 895 929.

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