Brisbane International Cruise Terminal FAQs

Here are some of the questions we’re commonly asked about the Brisbane International Cruise Terminal (BICT). If you have another question that isn’t on the list, please email


Why is a new cruise ship terminal needed?

Globally, cruise ships are getting larger.  By 2020, it is expected that the majority of the cruise ships seeking to call in Brisbane will be ‘mega cruise ships’ – those longer than 270 metres.  These vessels are too long to swing (turnaround) at Hamilton, too high to fit under the Leo Hielscher (Gateway) Bridges and too deep to travel any further upstream than the cargo port at Fisherman Island’s, where they currently call.

If we don’t act now to build a dedicated cruise facility that can accommodate these larger cruise ships, they may bypass Brisbane and south-east Queensland altogether.

Why was Luggage Point chosen as the location?

Luggage Point is the only site in Brisbane that can accommodate these larger cruise ships. It has naturally occurring deep water, enough space for them to ‘swing’ or turnaround, and does not have the same height restrictions for vessels as dictated by the bridges further upstream.

Will the Luggage Point location impact on the visitor experience?

Luggage Point is located close to the Brisbane Airport, Kingsford-Smith Drive and the Gateway Motorway, ensuring excellent road connectivity to the region.

We have also worked very closely with key stakeholders, including our site neighbours, to address amenity concerns.

We have also developed a solution that has been proven to mitigate odour issues associated with the nearby waste water treatment facility, which will be deployed on days that ships call to Luggage Point and the wind conditions are unfavourable.  

Who is paying for the new facility?

The Brisbane International Cruise Terminal is fully funded by the Port of Brisbane. 

Port of Brisbane and Brisbane City Council are also jointly funding $10 million in local road upgrades leading to the cruise terminal.

What is the Government’s role?

The State Government has helped facilitate this project through its Market-Led Proposal framework. The Government remains a key stakeholder in the design, development and construction of the new facility.

Do you have a schedule for the 2020/21 cruising season?

Yes – you can view this on the Port of Brisbane website:


What car parking will be available? Can I park for free?

There will be around 900 car parks providing long and short-term paid parking options. Information about the type of car parking available, and how to book, will be made available closer to the terminal’s opening.

If you’re being dropped off or are ready for pick-up at the terminal, your driver will be able to go straight to the ‘passenger drop off zone’ in front of the terminal building.  

There will also be designated commercial areas for coaches, buses and taxis.

Will I be able to catch public transport to the new terminal?

There are currently no local or state government plans to link the BICT to public transport options.

Will there be disability access?

Absolutely. We have worked very closely with key stakeholders to ensure the facility will meet all disability access requirements, and the designs include lifts and travelators inside the building. Once the new facility is open, there will also be staff on-hand to provide additional assistance if required.

Designated disability car parking spaces will be located close to the entrance of the new terminal, in line with legislation.

Once on board the ship, disability access requirements will be a matter for the cruise lines.

Will there be a viewing area to see the cruise ships when they are in?

Yes, the designs include a landscaped viewing area outside the building (and alongside the river) for passengers, their friends and family to view visiting cruise ships when they are berthed at the facility.

We understand that many people like to view cruise ships when they are in port. Closer to the terminal’s opening, we’ll provide suggestions on the best vantage points and times.

Can more than one cruise ship dock at one time?

The Brisbane International Cruise Terminal will be able to accommodate one cruise vessel at a time, which currently meets the demand of cruise lines seeking to call in Brisbane.

We will continue to engage with the cruise industry about their future growth plans to understand demand for additional capacity. 

Will there be shops and restaurants at the new facility?

The Brisbane International Cruise Terminal is being designed to help get passengers on and off their cruise ships as quickly and seamlessly as possible, and onto their next destination – whether that’s going on holiday or heading home.

As such, the new facility will have limited retail and a café for last minute essentials.


How can I get a construction job with the Brisbane International Cruise Terminal?

The principal contractors are responsible for recruitment under their procurement policies. 

How can I get a job at the Brisbane International Cruise Terminal when it opens?

Staff decisions for the Brisbane International Cruise Terminal have not yet been made. Should we require external candidates to apply for specific roles, we will put information on our website in due course.